BlackBerry 10 Jamboree Part 1

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Well it’s 2013 and RIM BlackBerry actually/seriously/finally released their new BlackBerry 10 Operating System and the BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 Devices.  Time will tell if the new devices are selling especially due to the delay between the announcement and the availability of the devices in the U.S.

With the announcement of the BlackBerry 10 OS, the Z10 and the Q10 I thought I would break up all the information into multiple blog posts.  I know you all have short attention spans so I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much information all at once. In Part One I will cover the announcement of the new OS and the new Z10 and Q10 smartphones.  In future posts, I will cover more in depth reviews and tips.  Sit down, grab your reading glasses and a tasty adult beverage and prepare to immerse yourself in all things BlackBerry 10!!

Straight out of the gate is the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to hit the market known as the Z10.  Not surprisingly I turned to the experts at to get the scoop on the Official Z10 Specs and Features.

Whoa. I think I got a bit ahead of myself and jumped right into the devices without stopping first at the new Operating System.  Oops.  Let me rectify this situation and send you next to the article with all the good information about the new BlackBerry 10 OS.  Go ahead and click the link. I’ll be waiting when you get back to serve up more juicy details about the new devices.

I don’t want you to think I am biased toward the team so to round out the reviews of the new Z10, let’s pay a visit to the Z10 review from the gadget gurus at  Two reviews not enough you say?  Well okay then, how about one more review of the new Z10 from the team at

I highly suggest you pour your second adult beverage of the day before continuing.

Wrapping up the coverage of the Z10 from ABC to USA today (with some WSJ and CIO thrown in for good measure), find out what the Tech Pundits are saying about Z10.

On the homestretch now so grab your third and final adult beverage (and possibly a magnifying glass).

BlackBerry Q10Not content with releasing just one new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the over eager folks at RIM BlackBerry announced a second device with a very familiar looking hardware keyboard known as the Q10. Let’s mix it up this time and send you off to first for their hands-on review of the new Q10.


And finally, back to the site for a wrap-up of the specs and feature of the new Q10 device.

Don’t forget to check back in soon to catch Part Two of my BlackBerry 10 Jamboree series.