You don’t really have a backup strategy

Jun 8, 2010 | 8 Comments

Tweet I bet you don’t really have a backup strategy for your personal workstations. Some of you probably do some sort of backups but peel back the top layer and it’s not really a full backup strategy. I don’t want to scare you but have looked outside recently? Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Hurricanes, Floods, Republicans, Democrats oh […]

PeopleSoft Time Machine

Jul 22, 2009 | 2 Comments

Tweet I was organizing some of my PeopleSoft documents and came across some screen shots of PeopleSoft from years gone bye. Interesting to see the changes in the application from the Windows 3.1 days to the Web. Enjoy. Here is the original PeopleSoft 3.0 application from 1994. Windows 3.1 baby!!! PeopleSoft version 6: PeopleSoft version […]

Windows 7 Aero Snap and Shake now in Vista

Dec 25, 2008 | One Comment

Tweet As we wait for anxiously for Windows Vista 2.0…er…I mean Windows 7, there are a couple of Windows 7 features that are now available in Vista and XP The first feature is called Aero Snap and can be downloaded here. Once Aero Snap is running you can drag a window to the left or […]

Microsoft delays Internet Explorer 8

Dec 3, 2008 | 2 Comments

Tweet Over on the Windowsitpro website, Paul Thurrott lets us know that Microsoft will be delaying Internet Explorer 8 to sometime in 2009. Seems that IE 8 is not quite fully baked and needs another public update of the beta release to test out all the bug fixes. IE 8 was originally supposed to be […]