Down and Dirty World of Workforce Analytics

Posted by: on May 5, 2012 | No Comments

As you might have noticed I took a little hiatus from my blog.  It was only (ahem) a couple of weeks right?  Well, worry no longer.  I didn’t fall into a black hole or get kidnapped by mafia drug lords.  It’s been a busy winter for me.  I changed jobs, consolidated 2 households and added a gorgeous 8.5 year old Tiger Brindle Greyhound to keep my other Greyhound company.  So what’s next you say?

I’m pleased to let you know that I will be speaking at the Aquire Software Wisdom 2012 Conference in Dallas.

Aquire makes some fab software including the industry leading OrgPublisher, new offerings in Compensation and my favorite, the InSight Workforce Analytics Software.

This year Aquire has a separate Workforce Analytics track and I am pleased to be speaking on the down and dirty world of finding and cleansing data needed for Workforce Analytics.  I know you are dying to know the details of my session so here is the title and description:

Session Title: All the Data You Need vs. The Obstacles to Grab it

Part presentation, part interactive activity! This session discusses data needed to do workforce analytics and the obstacles to tracking it down, making sure it is clean, and tips you need to make these processes work. There are key tricks to understand that can drastically speed up the process of working with your data, and relieve the stress of doing so.

So, umm…wish me luck!