HRevolution 2011 – By Golly There Was Tech Talk

Posted by: on May 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

I hope you all had some fun reading my HRevolution spoof-ish blog post hosted over at Paul Smith’s blog Welcome To The Occupation yesterday.  I thought I would actually get serious (who knew that was possible) and write my actual thoughts about HRevolution 2011.

Last year’s HRevolution in Chicago was great except that as a tech person it was missing something near and dear to me. It was missing a lot of HR Technology talk.  I wrote a blog post about it called HRevolution 2010 – What happened to the Tech Talk. This year I saw some progress. Not mind blowing let’s talk about the pros and cons of Best of Breed versus Suite or SaaS versus On-Premise type of progress but nonetheless progress.

Let’s first take a look at the Sponsors: Monster, Pinstripe, Ceridian, Aquire, SHRM and PeopleMatter.  There are some serious tech chops to a couple of these vendors. There were no hard sells from the Vendors but their presence helped establish some tech credentials to the conference. Oh and thanks to all the sponsors who helped keep the conference costs at a minimum level for the attendees. You rock.

Moving on to the keynote, we had the CHRO of Kimberly Clark, Liz Gottung, mention during her keynote that a pillar of her global HR plan was the global implementation of Workday. I looked around the room as Liz talked about Workday and watched people’s faces.  To my surprise it was clear that many people knew about Workday.  Last year, it seemed like people only knew about Abra and Taleo.

As for the sessions, there were several technology specific sessions.  Josh LeTourneau led an uber techie session on Social Network Analysis. I can’t do it justice to explain it so you will just have to head over to his website to learn more about it.  Craig Fisher showed us a bucketful of tools in his Recruiting: Cool Tools and More session such as Crowdbooster, and BizzBizz. Craig also showed us how to stalk potential candidates using FourSquare and Twitter.  You had to be there to watch some of the people in the room become a bit uncomfortable with the idea.

Finally, I had several conversations with various people about HR Technology throughout the day.  Great conversations actually.

Just like last year there was interest in Social Media technology and Mobile technology.  One didn’t need to actually talk about mobile you just needed to look around the conference to see a significant showing of iPad’s.  Speaking of iPad’s, after winning the iPad drawing from Monster last year I was somewhat relieved to not win this year’s Monster drawing for the iPad 2 as I figured I might get in trouble with the attendees if I won 2 years in a row.  Social Media and Mobile aside there were definitely more conversation and interest in technology this year.  It’s a bit of a slow burn but since the next HRevolution will be in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay (using the same meeting rooms) as the HR Technology Conference & Expo, I am hoping for an even better showing in HR Tech Talk.

Thanks again to Crystal, Ben, Steve and Trish for a fantastic conference and for making me the unofficial Wi-Fi guy.



  1. Dave Ryan
    May 11, 2011

    Ouch – I use Abra and Taleo. Taleo is going away in July – Abra um not so much. I was in the session with Uncle Bill, last year and yeah there was talk of that stuff – but I knew what the other products were and was interested in them. And YES I know what workday is and have friend who is well placed within the organization. So have we moved forward – do know.

    Perhaps next year HRevolution could find a sponsor for pocket protectors and have another tech session – what do you think Mike?

    It was nice to meet you F2F.

    • Michael Krupa
      May 11, 2011

      Dave – Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you agree we have moved forward. Let’s talk sometime about your take on HR and HR Technology. Pocket protectors huh…I’m a tech geek but not a tech nerd. LOL. Nice to meet you F2F as well.