Is HR Technology Conference Co-Chair Bill Kutik The Dos Equis Man?

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Is the HR Technology Conference co-chair Bill Kutik the Most Interesting Man in the World?  Here are some quotes that describe the Dos Equis man:

  • He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
  • He co-chairs the HR Technology Conference just because he can.
  • You can see his charisma from space.
  • His charisma compels people to write blog posts about the HR Technology Conference.
  • His business card just says, “I’ll call you.”
  • His tacos refuse to fall from the shell.
  • His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards.
  • Even his enemies list him as their emergency contact number.
  • He is so generous that by using Promotion Code INFOBOX11 you get $500 off the conference rack rate.
  • He once engaged in a staring contest with a fish and won:


This sure sounds like Bill Kutik to me but let’s talk about more pressing matters.

This year is the 14th annual conference and Bill tells me it’s going to be the largest and most exciting yet with an incredible, educational and entertaining speaker line-up. Speaking of speaker line-up, I will be participating again on the Second Annual Social Media Panel where my cohorts will be tackling all your sticky social media deployment questions (in an incredible, educational and entertaining way of course). So for goodness sakes don’t miss our session. But wait, there’s more. Don’t miss the Great Technology Debate between Naomi Bloom and Jason Averbook, the Expert Discussions, the public debut of the 14th annual CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey by Lexy Martin and the always popular Awesome New Technologies for HR. Oh and don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes to walk the expo floor where you can get hands-on demonstrations and one-on-one Q&A from tons and tons of vendors. All this can be yours for $500 off the conference rack rate by using promo code INFOBOX11 (all caps).

Got an HR Technology question or a problem? Everyone you need to know to answer your question or solve your problem will be there. Did I mention that all your favorite HR Technology Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BeKnown,  BranchOut and Google+ peeps will be at the conference? Frankly you can’t afford not to be there.  As I said in my post-conference blog post from last year:

“I met CEOs, HR Bloggers, Industry Titans, Consultants, HR Professionals and Techies. I can’t think of any other conference where you have such easy access to such a diverse group of people.”

If you still need more information, you can download the PDF of the full conference brochure, read the post-conference blog posts from last year’s conference or forget all that and just take my word. I’m trustworthy. Right? Don’t forget my promo code of INFOBOX11 (all caps) to get $500 off the rack rate of $1,795. But don’t wait as this promo code expires on September 19th. If I still have not convinced you that you must register this very instant, here are 10 more reasons to attend the conference presented by Bill Kutik:

Go register now while I open a nice cold bottle of Dos Equis and ponder The Most Interesting Man In The World …  Bill Kutikthe HR Technology Conference.

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  1. Bill Kutik
    July 18, 2011

    Jesus, Mike, what do you think you’re gonna get for writing this? You already have a speaking slot and a free ticket — not a quid pro quo, I am fast to emphasize — and I can’t imagine what you might expect in return for something so glowing but truthful.

    I’m sure you know that Knowledge Infusion had already noticed the similarity to the Dos Equis man and produced their own video

    My favorite line in it is “He once decided not to say exactly what he thought, just to see how it felt…..He will never do that again.”

    Very funny and nicely done.