Is HR Technology Conference Co-Chair Bill Kutik The Old Spice Guy?

Posted by: on Jul 19, 2010 | 14 Comments

Laurie Ruettimann thinks HR Technology Conference co-chair Bill Kutik is no Old Spice guy.  Or is he?

“Hello HR Professionals, look at your HR Technology, now back at me, now back at your HR Technology, now back at me. Sadly, your HR Technology isn’t state of the art like me, but if you stopped using legacy ERP software and switched to true SaaS HR software they could be state of the art like me.  Look down, back up, where are you?  You’re in Chicago with the state of the art technology your software could be like.  What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s a Promotion Code for 30% off the HR Technology conference registration.  Look again, the promotion code is INFOBOX10.  Anything is possible when you attend the HR Technology Conference.  I’m on a horse.”

If I have not sold you on attending the HR Technology Conference & Expo by my witty Old Spice satire then you should know that the HR Technology Conference & Expo is THE HR Technology conference to attend.  Each year the conference has a shootout session where multiple vendors demo their live software to a scripted scenario.  The shootout has been so successful that this year there will be four separate shootout sessions with only 2 vendors per session.  I’ll be hosting one of the shoot out sessions this year so how better to spend your money except to come see me live and in person as sheriff making sure the shootout vendors stick to the rules.

But wait, there’s more.  Last year we had a highly successful impromptu Tweetup during Friday morning’s breakfast (and garnered interesting looks from those conference attendees who were not in the know).  We are stepping it up this year and for my loyal twitter followers we will be having another Tweetup Friday Morning with more, more, more.  I can’t discuss all the details yet but I know you won’t be disappointed.

I know I am forgetting something…think, think, think.  Oh yeah, don’t forgot my promo code of INFOBOX10 gets you $500 off the onsite price of $1,695 – just $1,195.

Need more convincing? You will be surrounded by 2,000 HR practitioners, vendors, consultants, analysts and bloggers from 24 countries (over 18,000 attendees in the last 12 years).  The conference will also feature free Wi-Fi in the conference center and giant Tweetstreams outside the expo floor and the general session room.

Still not convinced?  Laurie Ruettimann will be teaching a class called Twitterversity.  There will be a debate between guru Naomi Lee Bloom and Gartner’s Jim Holincheck, Oracle revealing more of Fusion HCM,  the Blogger Insight Panel (members not yet chosen), and “Awesome New Technologies for HR” from bleeding edge start-ups (chosen at the last possible second).

If you still need more information, head on over the conference website, download the PDF of the full conference brochure or check out my recap of last year’s conference. Finally, don’t forget my promo code of INFOBOX10 to get $500 off the onsite price of $1,695.  Go register now, while I go buy some Old Spice Body Wash.


  1. Bill Kutik
    July 20, 2010

    Gawd, Mike, you youngun’s just slept through grade school arithmetic, didn’t you?!? $500 is not 15% off our onsite price of $1,695; it is 30 percent off — nearly a third as we say in marketing and “such a deal” as we say in New York.

    I liked your Old Spice satire, but you got confused on attendance. 18,000 is our estimate of the total over 12 years — certain early records were destroyed in a politically-motivated burglary in Washington, DC — and we get about 2,000 people through the door in a good year, which this one is shaping up to be.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and willingness to be one of the sheriffs at the Shootout, an analogy I hadn’t thought of, stuck as I was in the “judge” mode. Good one!

    • Michael Krupa
      July 20, 2010

      Apparently my math skills went to bed before I finished this blog post late last night. Thanks for finding my goofs. The post has been updated. Glad to be in the same company as Laurie in having to go back and update the post.

    • laurie ruettimann
      July 20, 2010

      Wait, there’s math involved? I quit.

  2. Steve Boese
    July 21, 2010

    Will there be a test on the attendance figures and correct discount percentages? I was not told about that.

  3. Bill Kutik
    July 21, 2010

    And I always thought it was just girls and math! Geez. There will be no test on the attendance figure, which like every other conference producer, we will lie about. But Mike, Laurie and Steve will all have to be on their toes. Especially Laurie.

  4. Lexy Martin
    July 21, 2010

    OK, Bill….I have to track you down here to get you to respond to my old fashioned email request. Being the oldest pre-boomer out there, I’ve not learned enough in the school of hard knocks so will go to Twitterversity in hopes you can teach this old lady new tricks! But Bill, do respond to my email. And just so you know I’m doing my best to get others to HR Technology, we spammed our 2000+ survey respondents (pre-cleansed) and got 22 hits on your registration page. Dying to know if I get any takers and how I stack up against the youngsters. Michael…I’m a lurker on your blog and your LinkedIn messages (staying off the posts though because even I — a consultant — am tired of consultants on there) and wanted to refer you to Metrics Report we did at CedarCrestone a couple of years ago (the first one), but then saw that you have everything you need. And, you may not be interested, but there is a predictive modeling/workforce planning event at Oracle next month and I can send you info on that, if interested.

    • Michael Krupa
      July 21, 2010

      Lexy – I just sent you an email. Thanks for reading my blog. Your reach is way better than mine so I fully expect you to best me on registrations. Hopefully Bill “Old Spice Guy” Kutik will get off the horse, put down the body wash and respond to your email.

  5. Lexy Martin
    July 21, 2010

    I’ve shamed myself into posting a blog…should have done that before posting to Michael’s most excellent one and now can’t figure out how to edit the last post.

  6. Jennifer V. Miller
    July 21, 2010


    I suck at math too, and have no idea if Bill Kutik is this conference’s version of TOSG, but I DO love your “look at me, now look at HR Tech” schtick. VERY funny.

  7. Bill Kutik
    July 22, 2010

    What e-mail?

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