Oracle OpenWorld Fusion Apps Blogger Extravaganza

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So I realize this post is VERY late but I had a couple of conversations this week about Oracle Fusion Applications where I ended up pointing people to the blog posts I could remember off the top of my head. Since it is cold morning, I though I would trudge over to the local coffee shop, order a large mocha and compile my list of Oracle Fusion blog posts. So without further ado, here are the blog posts (you can thank me later).

Jim Holincheck wonders how real are the Fusion Apps AND has a Q&A post that is a must read.

Bill Kutik indicates the brief look we got at Fusion indicates Oracle Fusion HCM seems to be only on par with our best current software.

Ray Wang says Oracle takes a two prong strategy and seeks domination in the market.

Paul Hamerman provides some insight post NDA.

Steve Boese muses on what to think about while waiting for Fusion.

Jason Corsello proclaims that Oracle Fusion Apps Have Finally Arrived…Kinda.

Josh Greenbaum thinks the compartmentalization of Fusion Apps will work to Oracle’s benefit.

For Vinnie Mirchandani, his Fusion question remain unanswered.

Michael Fauscette believes the Fusion Apps are very well designed, extremely usable, modern and offer significant value for customers throughout the different modules.

Official Oracle OpenWorld flickr photostream here.

If you wrote a post on Oracle Fusion and would like me to add it to my list, leave a comment and I will see what I can do.


Frank Scavo spins the Fusion timetable in both a positive and negative light.

Merv Adrian skipped Larry’s keynote entirely.


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    Thanks Frank. I added your blog post url to my post.