Psst Consultants – Some Implementation Bid Tips For You

Posted by: on May 16, 2011 | No Comments

In previous blog posts I gave you some software demo tips for vendors and some software demo tips for customers. This time around I feel compelled to give some tips to Implementation firms on how NOT to bid an implementation project.

  • Assume or act like you are smarter than I am. I can’t believe I have to put this on the list.
  • Be extremely difficult and inflexible when it comes to scheduling the presentation of your bid.
  • Having asked for and received a written description of the project, come to your bid presentation meeting and ask me describe the project again instead of presenting your bid.
  • Present a lame bid just because you are sure you will get the project.
  • Ask me questions during the presentation and then interrupt me each time I try to answer.
  • Fail to actually read and digest the written description of the project and then present a bid for the wrong project.
  • Pay no attention to the budget parameters given to you and bid significantly higher than my budget.
  • Give me a reference to call but have the reference not be a customer that has actually used your services.
  • Re-bid the project three times and still not provide a bid that meets the project parameters.
  • Assume you know more than I do about application implementations and technology.
  • Assume you know more about my IT infrastructure than I do.
  • Assume or act like you are smarter than I am. Yes, I listed this twice. *sigh*

That’s my quick list but I know I just scratched the surface so feel free to leave your own tips in the comments section.  Any vendors brave enough to leave any tips for potential clients?