Tuesday Tech Tips

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I threw all my techie news stories into a hat this week and pulled them out randomly.  Interspersed in with the tech tips are some fun news items just to mix it up for a change.

Looking for a stylish alternative to Apple laptops? Thin and light on the must have list?  How about this new Lenovo ThinkPad X1?  For the Dell fanboys out there, how about this new Dell XPS 15z?  These two laptops are definitely better looking than the standard issue plasticy laptops.

Did you know that Microsoft has a service that will find, archive, analyze, export and share tweets?  No?  Well, that’s what my Tech tips are for silly.  Read about the service over at iphso and then checkout the actual service at http://archivist.visitmix.com/.

I have been a Supercomputer fanboy since my days working at Tandem Computers so I love to hear stories about one of the pioneers in supercomputing known as Cray. Seems that the latest Cray supercomputer known as the XK6 has smashed a petaflop record. Not really a tech tip but cool information anyway.

Motorola has their Android Smart Phone/Netbook combo known as the Atrix and now ASUS has an Android Smart Phone/Tablet combo known as the Padfone.  Engadget has details including hands-on pictures and the ASUS promo videos.

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about personal information or credit card information hacked into and stolen. We must be vigilant about protecting our information and Lifehacker has you covered with 10 Simple Privacy Tricks Everyone Should Use. I ‘m a big believer in #3 and #6.

Finally I leave you with the awesomeness of Steve Jobs and Apple.  If you think some of their products are to die for you, wait till you see their proposal for a new futuristic flying saucer like building at the heart of a new Apple Campus that would hold upwards of 12.000 people. This building is a continuous circle so no more corner offices for the privileged few.