Tuesday Tech Tips

Posted by: on Jun 29, 2010 | No Comments

Hey!  It’s that day of the week again.  I’m sure you all checked your email or RSS feed this morning for your Tuesday Tech Tips, saw a big blank hole of information and wondered how you would make it through the day.  Don’t worry my little pets, I am a bit distracted this week due to a training class for our new Business Intelligence tool but I did manage to find some great tips for you for the week:

Somehow I missed this one last week but my good buddy Jason had my back.  Google Voice is now available for everyone. By the way, Jason has adorable greyhounds.

I’m sure all of you iPhone owners out there have upgraded to iOS4 by now but maybe you have been hankering for all the little tiny details about iOS4.  TUAW has the details on the iPhone user guide for iOS4.

Are you using any of the Windows Live tools such as Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Live Movie Maker?  Pay attention then because Microsoft has released the Wave 4 beta (everyone do the Wave now) of Windows Live Essentials and Engadget has the details.

Let’s get back to talking about iPhones.  Not everyone ordered a brand new iPhone 4 so for those of you with an iPhone 3GS that just absolutely must have new (for iPhone 4 only) iMovie, let me present: iMovie for iPhone 3GS – there’s a hack for that.

Hot, and I do mean HOT off the presses, TUAW brings us the news of Hulu Plus announced for iPhone and iPad.

See you next week.