Tuesday Tech Tips

Posted by: on Jul 6, 2010 | No Comments

Happy post 4th of July.  Hope you all had a lovely extended weekend and enjoyed some fireworks (from a safe distance of course).  It’s back to work time and that means it’s also time for some more Tuesday Tech Tips:

Do you have a Mac desktop or laptop and an iPad?  Well then, don’t let that iPad go to waste as you can use the iPad as a secondary display.  The TIPb blog has an app review for Air Display for iPad.

Are you a Google Chrome user?  Read on as the Google Chromium Blog gives you a preview of some user interface changes coming down the line for the toolbar.

Did you ever think you sent an SMS/MMS message on your iPhone and then later (days later) discover that the message failed to send?  Apple has corrected this in iOS4 by placing an exclamation point right on the Messages icon.

Looks like Google is finally bringing the same product access to both Google Apps accounts and regular Google accounts.  Lifehacker has the details on Google Apps vs. Google Accounts Parity Coming.

It’s back to work time for me so see you next week for another dramatic installment of Tuesday Tech Tips.