Tuesday Tech Tips

Posted by: on Aug 22, 2011 | 2 Comments

I don’t want anyone to accuse me of providing just iPhone or Google tips so I am continuing my random tips theme.  In other words, don’t try to find the thread that binds these tips together.

Boxee Box, HTPC, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, OH MY! Trying to figure out which Set-Top On-Demand box might be best for you to get your entertainment on your terms? Head over to Lifehacker where they put together a quick review of what they believe is the 5 best Set-Top boxes for On-Demand video.

Now that you read that Lifehacker Set-Top review you might be saying: Hey Mike, didn’t Roku just announce new devices?  Good catch but don’t worry I didn’t forget.  Our friends over at Zats Not Funny have all the information in their Roku 2 Review.

Wondering what the next version of Windows might look like?  Have you been paying attention to Windows Phone 7?  Hello? Check out this first look at Windows 8 new user interface.  Looks like Microsoft may finally have a tablet appropriate OS.

Speaking of Windows Phone 7, Nokia let it slip that their upcoming N9 MeeGo phone will soon be running Windows Phone 7.  The N9 is a stunning looking single piece designed phone. Paul Thurrot has all the technical details at his site and I tracked down the “secret” video presentation of the N9 running Windows Phone 7.

Copy and paste images from the clipboard into Gmail is finally here. I repeat copy and paste images from the clipboard is finally here.  There is of course one teeny tiny little requirement to make this work. You need to be running the Google Chrome browser.  The Gmail blog has all the information regarding this new feature.

Thinking about getting a new flat screen television (or maybe 2)? Did you head over to your local electronics superstore and have a meltdown trying to figure out which type might be best?  PCMag.com has a great article for you called Plasma vs. LCD vs. LED: Which HDTV Type is Best?  Go read it now but if you end up buying a rear-projection TV, please don’t tell anybody.

s-UFO-SO-AFRICA-2A-largeI leave you with this out of the world tech tip. UFOs exist and you can see them clearly using Google Earth.  Nuff said.


  1. Bill Kutik
    August 23, 2011

    Is this why I’ve been losing money in my Schwab account? Because you spend all your time on this, instead of your job! Geeessh. Thanks for the pointer to the HD TV article. I figure it’s time to trade up from my 15-inch B&W.

    • Michael Krupa
      August 23, 2011

      Tech Tips are far more interesting than Financial Services…