Tuesday Tech Tips

Posted by: on Aug 30, 2011 | No Comments

Time is lacking these days so without any great fanfare or catchy intro, I’m jumping right into the tips today.

Hotmail! Say what? Despite the growth of other free cloud based email services, Hotmail remains one of the most used emails services. So if you are one of those people still using Hotmail you might want to know that the Hotmail team has added a “My Friend’s Been Hacked” button.

Love the TiVo User Interface but don’t need a DVR? Wish your TV used the TiVo UI instead of the normal lame interface? Your wish has been granted. Best Buy has partnered with TiVo and has released a new line of Insignia HDTV’s that use that great TiVo UI. Zatasnotfunny.com has all the information on the new TiVo Powered Best Buy HDTVs.

Speaking of Facelifts (no, not Joan Rivers) did you noticed that Twitter Search was recently refreshed? Louis Gray tells us all about it.

Looking for another excuse to use Google+? Want to make sure your dog is not rummaging through the trashcan again? Concerned that your cat is transferring funds from your bank into a Swiss account instead of sleeping all day? My good friend @controllergirl alerted me to this fantastic post on Lifehacker on how to Set Up a Simple Home Surveillance System with Google+ Hangouts.

Do you have questions about Mac OS X Lion?  Check out the OS X Lion page at gdgt.com where you will find a ton of information and a place to ask your question if you can’t find the answer anywhere else.

And finally, if you have been trying to get in on the $99 closeout fire sale of the HP TouchPad, I highly recommend you follow @BrynaAtHP and @MarkatHP as these 2 individuals have been doing a super job using Twitter to keep everyone informed about the status of any additional TouchPad inventory.  The Tweets are fun, silly and informative all at the same time.