Tuesday Tech Tips

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My how time flies.  I’ve been locked up inside the home office working 24×7 on a project instead of providing you with Tuesday Tech Tips.  Oh well.  As the song says:  I never promised you a rose garden. Once again the guilt has won out and I found some great new tips for you.

I don’t personally care how good the Dyson vacuums actually do at vacuuming since they look fabulous. Looks more important anyway. Right?  For those of you not living in a McMansion, Engadget has a review of the cute new Dyson City canister vacuum.  Did I mention it sure is cute?

Do you wonder what the difference is between all the icons on the iPhone LinkedIn app?  No? Well umm, you would be in the minority because LinkedIn has released version 3.3 of their iPhone app with a “Simplified home screen and navigation” and maybe a few other updates as well. The LinkedIn blog has all the details.

I’m not sure why Palm HP takes soooo long to release significant updates to their Pre and WebOS products but wait no more.  BGR has some info on the new Palm Pre 2 and Palm HP WebOS 2.0 and Precentral has an in-depth review of Palm HP WebOS 2.0.

Did you know that you can reject a call on your iPhone and sent it right to voice mail when the phone is locked?  Well knock you over with a feather then because it is possible. It’s so simple that I could just tell you right here but alas I want the good folks at the TiPb blog to get the credit so head on over to their site for the answer.

Are you one of those people who didn’t drink the Apple/iPad Kool-aid?  Maybe you are an Android fan boy waiting for tablet form factor?  Well Samsung now offers the Android Galaxy Tab so head on over to Engadget for their review?

Finally, what’s not to like about a 58 inch multi touch table? Well, probably the price but take a look anyway: