Tuesday Tech Tips-BlackBerry Edition

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My partner in HR Technology crime, Steve Boese, harassed nicely asked me recently to do an all BlackBerry Tech Tips. I took pity on him and his iPhone wanna-be BlackBerry Storm and so here we are.  I scoured high and low for some awesome BlackBerry Tech Tips. Okay okay I scoured the CrackBerry.com and TUAW.com sites but hey I found some great information to share with you.

Apparently some BlackBerry’s have touch screens (who knew) and if you have to touch you might as well use shortcuts. Read on about BlackBerry touch shortcuts otherwise known as Touchcuts.

So RIM has this iPad challenger in development called the BlackBerry Playbook. If web surfing speed is the most important feature of a tablet device for you then you might want to see this video of the Playbook versus the iPad.

Just in case you didn’t know, Twitter has their own official Twitter app for the BlackBerry so go right here, right now to get instructions on how to download, install, configure and start using the BlackBerry Twitter app.

I have seen more than a few tweets out there from loyal BlackBerry users about having to yank the battery out of the device and reinsert to get the dang phone to work again.  CrackBerry.com has a great post on when and how to do a battery pull, hard reset, soft reset and some wacky thing called a DOUBLE-SOFT reset. Oh BlackBerry you make me laugh.

Do you have BlackBerry OS 6?  You are in luck then because OS 6 comes with a brand spanking new WebKit-based Browser that competes pretty well with the iPhone Safari browser. As part of their BlackBerry 101 series, CrackBerry.com walks you through the features of this OS 6 browser.

And finally I leave you with the design of the next BlackBerry. Okay maybe not the next BlackBerry but a concept design of a pointy BlackBerry called the Empathy.  I’m not sure what is more interesting, the pointy phone or the thumb ring on the person holding the phone.

Touchcuts – Using shortcuts on your touchscreen BlackBerry