Tuesday Tech Tips–iOS 5 Special Edition

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In my last Tech Tips post I mentioned I had been saving up a few tips.  With iOS 6 rapidly approaching, I thought it best to deliver all my iOS 5 tips before they become outdated.  No snarky comments please about timing. You will get your tech tips when I feel like it and you will like it!

Cut the iTunes syncing cord!  Check out this article from Lifehacker on How to setup Wi-Fi Sync in iOS5.  Watch the video as it has ALL the necessary steps to get this working.

Everyone has a cloud these days even Apple.  Don’t be left out by watching this video on How to setup iCloud in iOS 5.

Did you know you had some options on how Notification Center works on your Apple mobile device?  No?  Well goodness me, go watch this video on How to change Notification Center in iOS 5.

If you have been living under a rock you might not know that Twitter was integrated into iOS 5.  The iMore team has 4 simple steps to setup iOS 5 Twitter integration for iPhone or iPad.

It’s no Letterman Top 10 list but when you are hiding in your secret bunker you might want to know about the Top 10 Secret Siri commands.

Now that you know secret Siri commands, I command you to read Siri: The Ultimate GuideEverything you need to know about setting up Siri securely, and all the Siri commands for phone, email, messaging, alarms, timers, reminders, calendars, weather, music, maps, and more!

Cut the iTunes cor…oh wait, I already have a tip that starts like this. Oops.  Well here is another great tip on how to update your iPhone or iPhone OS software over the air instead of having to connect your device to your computer.

If you are like me you probably have an iPod Touch, an iPhone and an iPad and want  iMessage to see all your devices as if they were one device. No problem, the steps to enable iMessage syncing between iPhone iPod Touch and iPad can be found on the macgasm site.

I’m sure you poured over all these iOS tips and took copious notes. Right?  Well I hope you at least bookmarked this blog post and added a task in your To-do list to review these tips every week (at least until iOS 6 comes out).

For all you BlackBerry users out there…sorry, I got nothing.  Check back again in January 2013 when BlackBerry 10 devices launch.